accessoires pour enfants
Member of the National Animal Defense Confederation,
our commitment, for the good and the safeguard of the animals in
the world is strong.
Our brand is aimed at people who, like us,
are sensitive to animal suffering, who ensure respect for our
planet, and more generally want a more ethical world.
With each creation, we check that no material used is from breeding, nor from any test on animals.
Our bags are made of Polyurethane, one of the most resistant materials,
and which has a lower impact on the environment than Leather,
for example.
Yuko.B is also a French brand turned towards the world.
Our creations and designs are made in Lyon, France,
where the beauty of lines is no longer a legend;
But self-sufficiency is not in our nature, by the way, nor in our culture of mutual aid.
We owe it to ourselves to bring a social dimension to the project,
by opening up to the world, and rallying the people of our history.
Yuko B. talks about his origins, appealing to Asia, Europe and Africa
Where the wages are less important, we will go and make a living
This is our story, and we are proud to tell it to you.
We are resolutely ecological and also societal.

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