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SKU: YB-500-094


Discover the ultimate fairy barrette: “Cinderella”. Perfect for special occasions or to reveal the princess inside your child, the Cinderella barrette will become their essential beauty ally. 

This magnificent barrette, measuring 7 cm high by 6 cm wide, will add a magical touch to your child's hairstyle. Inspired by the world of fairy tales, it is designed to amaze and captivate the imagination of little budding princesses. 

With its delicate design, the Cinderella barrette features a charming pattern that evokes the grace and elegance of the famous fairy tale. Your child will feel like a real princess when wearing it, whether at special celebrations, festive events or simply to add a magical touch to their everyday outfit. 

Made with care and with child safety in mind, this barrette is sturdy and easy to attach. It will stay in place throughout the day, allowing your little princess to fully enjoy her adventures without worry. 

Give your child the chance to live their own fairy tale with the Cinderella barrette. Let her imagination shine and let her discover the wonderful world of beauty and style. It's the perfect gift for parents wanting to give their child a touch of magic and elegance. 

Bring an enchanted touch to your child's hairstyle with the Cinderella barrette and let their royal personality shine brightly! 

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