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SKU: YB-500-278

Capture the beauty and freshness of nature in your child's hairstyle with the "Zélie" hair barrette. Inspired by the gentle murmurs of flowering gardens, this delicate barrette is a true ode to femininity and innocence.

Handmade with care and delicacy , the "Zélie" barrette is decorated with magnificent flowers, offering a bohemian and romantic look at the same time. Made with quality materials, it ensures both style and comfort for your little girl.

The “Bohème” collection celebrates the beauty of simplicity and nature, and the “Zélie” barrette is the perfect embodiment for young nature lovers. Whether it's a day at school, a birthday party or a walk in the park, this barrette will add a touch of magic and freshness to every occasion.

Let yourself be enchanted by grace and natural beauty with the "Zélie" hair barrette - the perfect accessory to enhance your child's hairstyle with softness and elegance.

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