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SKU: YB-500-284

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ballet with the “Ballet” barrettes from our new “La collection Paris” collection. These delicate barrettes capture the grace and beauty of ballerinas with their adorable little shimmering gold ballerinas.

Handmade with care and delicacy , the “Ballet” barrettes evoke the elegance and lightness of star dancers, adding a touch of magic to each hairstyle. Made with quality materials, these barrettes ensure both style and comfort for your little girl.

The "Paris" collection celebrates art, culture and timeless elegance, and the "Ballet" barrettes are the perfect embodiment for young people. Whether for a ballet performance, a special day or simply to add a touch of fantasy to an everyday outfit, these barrettes will add a note of grace and enchantment to every occasion.

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