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SKU: YB-500-187

Dive into our magnificent collection of magical hair clips for children: the “Romantic Pineapples”. These little 5 centimeter clips are adorned with fantasy, like real enchanted jewels. Their luminous and iridescent shades captivate the eye, magnified by an elegant presentation card in beige and gold, ready to be offered. 

This duo of barrettes, delivered in pairs, extends the poetic universe with gentle harmony. The perfect little hair treasures to enhance your children's hairstyles. They will add a touch of enchantment to their outfits, and allow them to shine brightly. 

Give your children these enchanting accessories that will awaken their imagination. Because every day is an adventure and every strand of hair deserves to be highlighted, the "Romantic Pineapples" barrettes are there to add a touch of magic to their daily life. 

These delicate barrettes are carefully designed to combine comfort and aesthetics. They are adapted to children's hair, allowing them to stay in place throughout the day without bothering them. 

Give your little ones the gift of wonder with the “Romantic Pineapples” barrettes. Transform every moment into a fairy tale where beauty meets innocence. 

Perfect for: Hair accessories - Fashion accessories - children's fashion - Wedding - Birthday - Children's gift - girl's gift - children's jewelry - French brand