Aileen durable voile socks


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SKU: YB-400-159

Aileen durable voile socks

Aileen, like an ode to the future...
Its white, straight and energetic lines offer a contemporary design.

On a technical level, the Aileen model has a resistant veil is a light and durable material, allowing to offer advantages such as breathability, resistance to tears and a feeling of lightness on the feet.
They can be ideal for occasions when you want to wear dressier or lighter shoes, while still keeping your feet comfortable.

Delivered in a pretty unitary box ready to offer

Immerse yourself in the world of the Yuko B. Socks brand, specialist in exceptionally durable sailing socks. Their secret lies in the manufacturing quality which guarantees foolproof durability, even after numerous machine washes. These socks combine the charm of veil with incomparable solidity, thus making Yuko B. Socks famous. Once tried, they will quickly become your everyday essentials.

The surprising creations designed in Lyon will conquer fans of classic and avant-garde styles. With a wide and varied range, Yuko B. socks can be worn with heels as well as with sneakers, adapting to all occasions. Giving a pair of Yuko B. Socks socks is giving the perfect gift. They are delivered in magnificent iridescent gold pouches, ready to be offered, and adjustable to all sizes (36-39!).

Let yourself be seduced by the perfect fusion of glamor and resistance with the Tonia socks from Yuko B. Socks. They will bring a touch of sophistication to your style, while guaranteeing you optimal comfort throughout the day.

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