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SKU: YB-400-112

Discover the charming Teddy Bear Socks from the Yuko B. Socks range! These adorable socks have a surprise in store for you when you take off your shoes. Imagine the reaction of those around you upon discovering a little minimalist teddy bear hidden on your feet. A subtle blend of elegance and offbeat humor, these socks will make you stand out with style.

The Yuko B. Socks brand offers exceptionally durable sailing socks. No matter how many times you put them in the washing machine, they will come out looking great wash after wash. Combining the delicacy of veil with unrivaled durability is the strength of Yuko B socks. To try them is to adopt them.

The surprising designs created in Lyon will appeal to lovers of classic and avant-garde styles. With a wide and varied range, these socks can be worn with heels as well as sneakers, adding a unique touch to your outfit.

Presented in lovely iridescent gold pouches, Yuko B. Socks Teddy Bear Socks are the perfect gift, ready to give. In addition, they are suitable for all sizes, from 36 to 41, thanks to their adjustability.

Don't hesitate to add a touch of originality and softness to your feet with Teddy Bear Socks from Yuko B. Socks. These socks promise you a unique style and foolproof resistance.

Perfect for: Women - Gift - Valentine - Socks - Voile Socks - Durable Socks - Spring - Summer - Summer - Weddings - Walks - Birthday.