Queen Mermaid Box - Necklace + bracelet set


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SKU: YB-500-256


Discover aquatic magic with the QUEEN Sirene set, an enchanting necklace and bracelet combination featuring a mermaid-shaped pendant. Specially designed for little princesses aged 3 to 8, this set transports your children into a magical marine world. Acrylic beads add a touch of splendor to every outfit, whether for a day at school or for special moments. The QUEEN Sirene set embodies grace and elegance, transforming every moment into an aquatic adventure.

Explore the diversity of the TWO-PIECE BOXES - Necklace + Bracelet Sets collection, offered in 13 different boxes, each offering a palette of vibrant colors. From bright hues to soft shades, each set features a unique variety to satisfy the tastes of every budding little mermaid. With carefully selected acrylic beads, this versatile collection adds a touch of enchantment to every look.

Perfect for: Fashion accessories - Wrist accessories - children's fashion - 3/8 years - Birthday - Children's gift - girl's gift - children's jewelry - Princesses - Occasions - French brand