Hair elastics Bracelet - Flowers


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SKU: YB-500-145

Add a touch of poetry to your daily life with our elastic hair bracelets - Flowers. These dual-purpose accessories are specially designed for children, offering both practical functionality and fashionable style.

These dual-purpose elastics are perfect for holding your children's hair in place while adding a touch of elegance. Made with high quality materials, these elastics are incredibly strong and durable, ensuring durability.

When not used to tie hair, these elastics easily transform into fashionable bracelets, adding a touch of charm to any outfit. The delicate and colorful floral patterns bring a touch of softness and freshness to every wrist.

Whether at school, during family outings or for a special occasion, these elastic hair bracelets - Flowers are a versatile accessory that will accompany your children on all their adventures. Give them a fun and stylish way to take care of their hair while cultivating their sense of style.

Get these elastic hair bracelets - Flowers now and let your children express their personality with grace and charm. This accessory, both practical and aesthetic, is a must-have for budding little girls.

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