Waterproof backpack - The City Bag - Cats


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SKU: YB-400-135


The Waterproof Backpack - The City Bag - Cats is an essential accessory for children, designed by Yuko B. This innovative backpack has been specially created to accompany them during their sporting activities, whether at the gym or at the swimming pool. With its waterproof design, it is perfectly water resistant, ensuring optimal protection for the belongings inside.

The Waterproof Backpack - The City Bag - Cats stands out for its unique and captivating design. The harmonious combination of adorable pink kittens and glow-in-the-dark neon pink cords creates a striking contrast. These special cords not only look good, but they also glow in the dark, adding a fun and safe touch.

This backpack turns out to be much more than a simple storage accessory. It embodies a futuristic and ambitious vision of magical luggage for children. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort during transport, thanks to its adjustable and padded straps. In addition, its adapted size is perfectly suited to the needs of the little ones.

The Waterproof Backpack - The City Bag - Cats is the ideal companion for active and adventurous children. It allows them to transport their belongings safely, while adding a touch of style to their outfit. Whether it's for the gym or trips to the pool, this reliable, water-resistant backpack will meet their needs. Give your child the practical and trendy accessory they deserve with the Waterproof Backpack - The City Bag - Cats.