Lulli shoulder bag the little blue glittery fish


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SKU: YB-100-104


Lully The Fish is the little glittery fish straight out of the sea depths... Softness and magic come together in this essential new product for 2023.

The Lully shoulder bag is specially designed for children, offering unparalleled practicality. Equipped with an adjustable 75 cm handle, it adapts perfectly to the child's size. Made from high-quality vegan faux leather, this bag guarantees the safety and well-being of your child, without any chemical elements harmful to their health. Yuko B. bags are designed for daily use and withstand the most intense conditions, adapted to the active lives of children.

Maintaining the bag is easy: just use a damp cloth and lightly soapy water, then let it air dry. It is recommended not to expose the bag to the sun for prolonged periods.

Please note that the shoulder bag strap may pose a strangulation hazard to children under 3 years old. Therefore, careful supervision is necessary when using it.

The Lully shoulder bag is the ideal accessory for children. Its captivating design, inspired by the aquatic world, brings a touch of magic to every outfit. Practical and durable, it will accompany your child on all their adventures. Give him the Lully shoulder bag to allow him to carry his little treasures with style and comfort.