Shine - Forest - Women's sock in ultra-resistant voile


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SKU: YB-400-183

Discover women's socks in ultra-resistant "Shine" voile, a perfect combination of elegance and endurance. These sophisticated forest-colored socks stand out for their fine, silky texture, adding a touch of glamor to your outfits, whether professional or casual. The innovative veil offers exceptional resistance, reducing the risk of tears and ensuring a long lifespan.
Designed to perfectly fit the shape of your legs, they guarantee impeccable support without compromising on comfort.
"Shine" socks feature discreet seams and a clean design, allowing harmonious integration with all your shoes, from pumps to sneakers.

Ideal for all occasions, they provide subtle elegance and reliable protection, while remaining incredibly light and comfortable.

Make your everyday life shine with "Shine - Forêt", the socks that combine luxury and robustness to enhance your feet.

Perfect for: Women - mothers - Mother's Day - Wedding - Birthday - Gift - Event - French Brand